O’Reilly Interrupts Trump’s ‘Tough’ Talk to Remind Him Cops Can’t Just Beat People Up

Screen-Shot-2016-08-22-at-8.54.52-PM-650x421Bill O’Reilly spent a good chunk of his show tonight really pushing Donald Trump hard for some specifics on how he plans to support police officers, decrease violence in America, and implement his “law and order” ideology in the event he becomes President.

Trump told a story about an unnamed Chicago police officer who is a “rough, tough guy” and who wants to “use tough police tactics” to get the city back on track. O’Reilly interrupted him with this:

You need a warrant to arrest people. You can’t beat them up! You have to have a warrant to arrest them!

Trump didn’t acknowledge what O’Reilly said about the necessity of warrants and instead brushed him off, saying, “All I know is this: I went to a top police officer in Chicago who is not the police chief and he — I could see by the way he was dealing with his people, he was a rough, tough guy, they respected him greatly.”

He went on to say that police should be allowed to “counter attack” anyone attacking them.

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