O’Reilly Spits on Gawker’s Grave: Bullying ‘Garbage’ Killed by ‘Heroism of Hulk Hogan’

oreillygawkBill O’Reilly took a parting shot at the recently deceased, calling the site “garbage,” and insinuating that the reporters who repeatedly and relentlessly investigated and exposed the Fox anchor’s more unsavory side were no different from garden variety Twitter trolls.

“Garbage finds its way out into the legitimate media,” O’Reilly said. “With the destruction of Gawker thanks to the heroism of Hulk Hogan, one’s down but 15 take their place.”

In referring to the “heroism” of Hogan, O’Reilly uncritically repeats the excuses aired by Peter Thiel, who bankrolled Hogan’s fatal lawsuit against Gawker. When his role as the litigation’s patron was exposed, the Silicon Valley billionaire claimed he was doing it as part of some righteous crusade to defend privacy.

O’Reilly’s postmortem insult occurred in the middle of a conversation about cyber-bullying on Twitter and just one day after Gawker shuttered for good.

By drawing a contraposition between Gawker and “legitimate media,” O’Reilly may have been trying to negate the several unflattering investigations Gawker published on him over the years. Gawker may be gone, but their considerable body of reporting on O’Reilly is still available here for the time being.

Sam Reisman (@thericeman) is a staff editor at Mediaite.

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