O’Reilly Factor Viewers Raise Money To Send Band From Historically Black College To Inauguration

On his show, Fox’s Bill O’Reilly shared his opinion that “some vicious, hateful people are trying to sabotage” the inauguration of Donald Trump by taking the word “loyal” out of “loyal opposition” in a “subversion of the republic.” As proof, he pointed out that the marching band at Talladega College, a historically black college in Alabama, was eager to perform at the inauguration until they started getting “threats” and unkind responses.

Their president, Billy Hawkins, appeared on O’Reilly’s show a few nights ago to lament the mistreatment he and his band received after saying they were excited to perform and “Factor viewers [came] through again,” the host announced.

After Hawkins’ appearance, a GoFundMe set up for the band got an influx of donations. Now, they have about $600,000 to cover travel fees and future scholarships. (In the video above, from last night, O’Reilly says $500,000. The current GoFundMe amount is now $600,497.)

He said that this story is “vivid proof that generalizing about any group is foolish and dishonest.”

So, the Tornadoes will be performing at the inauguration, which is good news for Trump’s team since so many acts have refused or backed out.

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