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Outnumbered Hosts Get Shot Down After Trying to Downplay Trump’s Pandering to Russia

OutNumOn Outnumbered Thursday morning, Julie Roginsky and the show’s guest Hashtag One Lucky Guy Lanny Davis shot down their co-panelists’ attempts to downplay Donald Trump‘s pandering to Russia.

Specifically referring to Trump’s remarks Wednesday, in which he encouraged Russia to publicly release hacked State Department emails, the show’s co-hosts argued that the GOP nominee had been unserious and “tongue-in-cheek.” (This echoes Trump’s own walk back Thursday, in which he said the comments were “sarcastic.”)

“This man is unfortunately serious,” Davis told Harris Faulkner, adding, “He admires and says he admires Vladimir Putin and then — in a serious manner — he invites Vladimir Putin” to commit espionage.

Roginsky laid out a case for why Trump’s relationship with the Kremlin was troubling beyond a few ill-considered remarks.

She noted that Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort has close ties with and has worked for many Russian oligarchs and consulted for Putin allies in Ukraine; highlighted that Trump wants to renege on the U.S.’s obligations to our NATO allies; and noted that Trump tweeted about being friends with Putin. (“Maybe that was a joke,” Roginsky quipped. “I don’t make jokes about being friends with despots.”)

When Kennedy tried to pivot the conversation, by describing Clinton’s alleged malfeasance, Davis retorted, “What you just said [about Clinton] is factually inaccurate.”

You can watch the complete exchange above.

Sam Reisman (@thericeman) is a staff editor at Mediaite.

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