Outnumbered Struggles to Come to Terms With Trump’s Latest Denial of Russian Meddling: It ‘Sounds… Insane?’


President Donald Trump took a second stab at damage control following his widely panned remarks in Helsinki following his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin Monday.

And the Outnumbered crew was not impressed.

Immediately following the president’s brief comments prior to a Cabinet meeting Wednesday afternoon, Melissa Francis tried to get confirmation on what she’d just heard — because she simply couldn’t believe it.

“At the beginning [the media] said, ‘Are they still meddling?’ — it sounded like,” Francis said.

“That was the question,” Harris Faulkner said, in affirmation.

“And [Trump] said no…” Francis said. She added, “All he said was no. Which sounds… insane?”

“It does sound insane,” said #OneLuckyGuy Jake Maccoby — a former speechwriter for Obama-era Attorney General Eric Holder.

Francis tried to offer some kind of explanation as to what Trump could’ve been thinking with his comment.

“It could be that he believes we’re stopping the meddling at this point,” Francis said.

Maccoby took exception.

“We are working really hard to make this sound reasonable,” Maccoby said.

But he and Francis were, as it turned out, completely on the same page.

“No, no, no,” Francis said. “I’m not working hard to make it sound reasonable, because it doesn’t sound remotely reasonable. And I’m not trying to say it sounds reasonable. It sounds insane. I’m only saying he could be saying that we are now stopping it. But to deny that Russia is trying to meddle forever, and has been forever, would be totally insane.”


Watch this stunner of a clip above, via Fox News.

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