Over One Fifth Of Registered Voters Have Already Tweeted Who They Voted For

The long, strange turn of events that led us to this night will be remembered as the first big social media-fueled election. Social networks have teamed up with polling firms to analyze data based on what people are tweeting and Facebooking. And today, as people exercised their democratic right to vote, roughly 22 percent of them tweeted their choice for president, while internal numbers from Twitter show 13,000 election-related tweets every minute, and most of the social media buzz about the election is talking about President Obama.

A Pew study says that roughly 22 percent of voters tweeted out who they voted for, with 25 percent of total Obama supporters posting their preference and 20 percent of Romney supporters doing the same. The study also broke down the number of voters encouraging people to vote for Obama and Romney in face-to-face conversations (highest percentage) to phone calls to texts (lowest percentage).

29 percent of voters under age 50 announced their vote on social media, while only 17 percent of everyone 50 and older did the same. 30 percent of total registered voters were encouraged to vote for Obama or Romney on Facebook and Twitter, while 20 percent of voters have been the ones doing the encouraging.

Additionally, Twitter has released numbers showing that more users are talking about Obama, both positively and negatively, than about Romney. Over six million tweets have been sent out about the election so far, and the phrase “I voted” has been tweeted roughly three thousand times per minute.


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