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Palin: Obama’s ‘Getting Buzzed on Suds’ While ‘Rome Burns’

Sarah Palin made news this week by calling for President Obama‘s impeachment, and she followed it up with a column today saying that the president is too busy “satisfying those munchies” and “getting buzzed on suds” on fundraising trips “as Rome burns.”

Most of the column is Palin getting snarky with Obama over his leisure time in Colorado this week, where he played pool and ate pizza. She mocks the president’s priorities, his claims to be transparent, and goes off on an odd tangent about Obama supposedly winning every game (pool, basketball, etc.) he competes in. Well, except for that one time.

But aside from those “offensive” actions, Palin brings up her case for impeachment again and dismisses anyone who doesn’t agree.

Barack Obama has most certainly engaged in impeachable offenses. Many. That’s a given. No need to waste ink trying to educate the “deniers” on how things are guaranteed to get worse unless this lawless administration, led by an imperial president, is legally slapped down on the House and Senate floors…

If Senators aren’t ballsy enough to use their power of the purse to stop this nonsense, then they must hand the baton to the House and support our representatives in impeachment proceedings.

You can read Palin’s full column here.

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