Palin Supporter Grilled By MSNBC’s Norah O’Donnell Responds

norah_11-20In this new age of media, a person who was on TV for approximately 90 seconds can make such an impact that he or she can extend their brief fame far beyond just 15 minutes (Joe the Plumber turned 15 seconds into a book deal).

The teenage Sarah Palin fan who Norah O’Donnell asked (or, grilled) about bailouts on Wednesday has responded in a lengthy blog after her story was picked up all over TV and the web.

During a live hit on MSNBC from a book signing line for “Going Rogue,” O’Donnell asked a girl to read her t-shirt, which was a joke about bailouts, before following up with a question. “Did you know that Sarah Palin supported the bailout?” she said, and read from her notes to get the exact language. She summed up the report saying of the supporters, “They can’t be specific in some cases about the issues, but they feel a connection.”

Depending on your point of view, what happened here was either “Badgers Teenage Girl About Sarah Palin” or “Stumps Palin Supporter“. But now, the girl who was asked the question is responding on her blog (perfectly titled “Red White and Conservative”), and “Jackie” sheds some light on how everything went down:

She told us she’d be walking up to us. You know like she just stumbled upon us. The shot began… I kept telling myself answer her question well, don’t freak out. Well, I thought she’d ask me the same question. She asked the man beside me (who by the way is NOT my dad) the same question she had before we went on air. Myself on the other hand, not the same story. She had me read my shirt and then proceeded to ask me “Did you know Sarah Palin supported the bailout” to be 100% honest I was like, are you kidding me? She is trying to use my shirt against me. I was so shocked by the craftiness she had that I was truly stumped.

O’Donnell responded on Twitter to some “lies” out there:

Hey want to respond re lies out there … 1) Palin fan was not 13. She’d voted in 2008 2) The man was not her father ..

3) I walked the line and asked who wanted to talk on camera. They volunteered.

But Jackie disputes a key point. “Norah also claims I told her I voted (on her twitter),” she writes. “That is not true. She never asked my age or if I voted. I’m 17 I couldn’t have voted…and I don’t live in an ACORN district so I didn’t have a chance to even register illegally.” (Nice ACORN shot in there…)

No matter your political beliefs, this feels like a borderline-ambush interview. With the widely-held view of MSNBC as a liberal network (based on its prime time programming), this tone and style seeping into news coverage mirrors what many on the left claim Fox News is guilty of. This will provide more fodder to those who feel MSNBC is unfair to conservatives – and in a week where we’ve seen more Sarah Palin coverage than possibly even Barack Obama coverage last year this time, this short exchange will be part of the overall takeaway.

Here’s the MSNBC segment:

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