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Pamela Geller: We Need More Events Like Garland, Otherwise ‘Threats Work’

Pamela Geller‘s “Draw Muhammad” cartoon contest and the two potentially ISIS-linked shooters that targeted it have been the subject of much debate (and badly-worded headlines) this week. Geller has insisted to critics that attacking her is misguided, especially when there are actual terrorists in the equation.

Geller sat down with Newsweek for a Q&A out today, and she insisted her point was not, as some have suggested, to insult an entire religion. She said it’s only because radical Muslims have threatened death for cartoons in the first place that she decided to take this kind of stand.

Geller rebuts the “repulsive libel” that she was hoping for something to happen at the Garland event, and insists that she has no plans to stop any time soon:

I have fought for freedom for well over a decade now and will continue to do so to my dying breath, with no regrets… We have been holding events like this for years. I think that more events like the one in Garland have to be staged, or the jihadis will get the message (again) that terrorism works, violent intimidation works, threats work.

Some of Geller’s critics have argued she’s mainly doing this for self-promotion.

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