Pastor Leaves Trump Rally With Daughter After Attendees Get ‘Aggressive’ and Show ‘Demonic’ Anger

Joel Tooley, lead pastor at First Church Of The Nazarene in Melbourne, Florida, went to Donald Trump‘s “campaign rally” this weekend. Though he isn’t a huge Trump supporter, he wanted his 11-year-old to experience a presidential event. Unfortunately, he had to take her out of the rally early, which he went on CNN to talk about today.

What started all of this and led to his exchange with Brianna Keilar was this Facebook post:

Note that one of the first things he took issue with at the event was the “deeply religious experience” some Trump “fanatics” had when “God Bless the USA” came on. He said he “felt like people were here to worship an ideology along with the man who was leading it.”

He then took issue with a pastor who repeatedly thanked Jesus for making America the “greatest” nation on earth. Tooley was clear that though America is great, other countries are also great and Jesus wouldn’t be too thrilled about Americans trying to position themselves over other global citizens. Similarly, he found Melania Trump‘s recitation of the Lord’s Prayer “theatrical and manipulative.”

When protesters were confronted and nearly physically assaulted by Trump supporters, Tooley positioned himself between them, shielding the protesters as his daughter clung to his arm. That is what he spoke to Keilar about today.

Watch above to see him explain what he saw and how it made him feel.

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