Pats Tight End Unloads on NFL Labor Pact: ‘You Know What NFL Stands For? N****s For Lease’

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New England Patriots tight Martellus Bennett is not happy about the current labor situation in the NFL.

As part of a lengthy ESPN The Magazine profile written by Mina Kimes, the former Pro Bowler sounded off on the league’s labor pacts, noting that football players are paid significantly less than basketball players.

“Do you know what the NFL stands for?” Martellus said. “N—-s for lease”

In the story, Martellus and his brother Michael Bennett — a defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks — both criticized the lack of African-American team owners in the league

“How many black owners have there been in the history of the NFL?” Martellus asked his brother.

“Zero,” Michael said. “We’re check getters, not check writers.”

Michael also criticized the recently-retired Peyton Manning and other stars for not looking out for other players.

“In the NBA, LeBron James, Chris Paul … they’re at the forefront,” Michael said. “There’s no Peyton Manning standing up for the rest of the players. He’s a great player, but what has he done for the league?”

We’ll have more later from this incredible piece, but for now, we highly encourage you to check it out yourself.

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