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Paul Krugman on Conservative Pundits: ‘Hahahahaha’

Paul Krugman has resorted to laughing out loud at conservatives in his New York Times columns.

Delivering a commentary on a recent piece from the Times blog The Upshot titled “When Beliefs and Facts Collide,” Krugman remarks on conservative pundits and economists who wrongly predicted massive inflation in 2010.

“Needless to say, it’s not the first time a politically appealing economic doctrine has been proved wrong by events,” he writes. “So those who got it wrong went back to the drawing board, right? Hahahahaha.”

The Upshot’s piece aimed to show that people who have a deeper knowledge of math and science than the general public are not necessarily more likely to believe in evolution and climate change. “You might wonder why monetary theory gets treated like evolution or climate change,” Krugman writes. “Isn’t the question of how to manage the money supply a technical issue, not a matter of theological doctrine?”

He ultimately concludes that for a certain type of conservative, money is a type of religion. “When faith — including faith-based economics — meets evidence, evidence doesn’t stand a chance.”

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