Paul McCartney Slams Bush: ‘Nice To Have A President Who Knows What A Library Is’

Meet Paul McCartney: political flashpoint. McCartney performed for President Obama, the first family and a number of other stars at the White House last night as part of a show celebrating his winning the Gershwin Prize. After the show — and apparently after the President had left the room — McCartney thanked the audience and noted how nice it was to receive the award from the Library of Congress, and “in fact, after the last eight years it’s great to have a president who knows what a library is.” Snap! Cue look of amazement on Jerry Seinfeld’s face and loud cheers from the room.

The remark, meanwhile, struck Joe Scarborough as “completely unnecessary”: “That guy’s been my idol, you know what, I don’t have many idols, just sing your damn song.”

This isn’t the first wave McCartney’s concert for the President has made, last week Obama was criticized for holding the concert in the first place amidst the escalating crisis in the Gulf. Watch below. McCartney also serenades the First Lady with a rendition of ‘Michelle’.

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