Paul Ryan: Medical Marijuana ‘Not A High Priority Of Ours, Let The States Decide’ What To Do About It

Paul Ryan: Medical Marijuana 'Not A High Priority Of Ours...'

Medical marijuana helps a lot of sick people cope with their illnesses, but it’s not high on vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s priority list. The Wisconsin Rep. said Friday that legalization should be up to each state.

“My personal position on these issues has been let the states decide what they want to do with these things,” Ryan told Colorado Springs’s KRDO-TV. “This is something that is not a high priority of ours.”

The station reporter, Eric Singer added that Ryan said medical marijuana is “something he doesn’t believe in.” This isn’t a huge surprise though, as Ryan’s running mate Mitt Romney isn’t crazy about medicinal marijuana either. The presidential contender said of it last month:

“The entryway into our drug culture for our young people is marijuana. Marijuana is the starter drug. And the idea of medical marijuana is designed to help get marijuana out into the public marketplace and ultimately lead to the legalization of marijuana overall. And in my view, that’s the wrong way to go.”

If you happen to get cancer in a state that does not support medicinal weed, I hope you have a high pain tolerance.

Watch below via KRDO-TV:

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