Paul Ryan Suggests He Would Sue Trump If He Tries to Implement Muslim Ban

paul-ryanPaul Ryan is walking a very precarious tightrope when it comes to Donald Trump, but he is still willing to criticize his party’s nominee and send him a premature warning about exceeding his authority.

Ryan and plenty of other Republicans have been crying foul for years over President Obama‘s unilateral executive actions, and some share those very same concerns where Trump is involved.

In an interview with The Huffington Post today, Ryan made it clear that Trump doesn’t have a “blank check” to do what he wants on the campaign. There, presumably, is some kind of check involved, seeing as how Trump can engage in ethnic attacks on an American judge and Ryan will still endorse him.

But specifically on the Muslim ban, Ryan indicated he would potentially view that as an overstepping of presidential power and would take action:

Ryan noted that Republicans were releasing part of their agenda on executive overreach that very day, and, in news that’s sure to please Trump, Ryan suggested that he and the House of Representatives were prepared to sue a Republican president if need be.

“I would sue any president that exceeds his or her powers,” Ryan said.

Ryan did clarify that there’s a “legal question” about the idea of a Muslim ban in the first place.

So is this what “follow your conscience” meant?

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