Payback? PTA Parent Allegedly Planted Drugs in Another Parent’s Car

Well, how’s this for some screwed-up payback? A California attorney is sitting retrial over a case in which he allegedly planted drugs in a fellow PTA volunteer’s car because he didn’t like the way she treated his son.

Yes, Kent Easter called 911 to warn that one of the PTA moms might be taking drugs. Kelli Peters was detained and her house was searched, but there were no drugs inside. The police eventually suspected the evidence might have been planted.

Easter’s wife already pled guilty to false imprisonment, but he remains on trial. A previous court ruling ended in a deadlock, and the retrial is currently taking place. Easter has not denied making the phone call that got Peters in trouble in the first place.

Peters was in tears when she testified in court late last week about what happened. You can watch ABC News’ report here:

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