WATCH: Brave Emergency Workers Risk Lives to Rescue Goats Trapped For 18 Hours on Edge of Bridge

Hang onto your hats, everyone. This story is about to knock your socks off. (In which case you need to hold onto your hats and your socks.)

Two intrepid Pennsylvania goats escaped their enclosure on a nearby farm – presumably on a death-defying trek to freedom in some Goat Nirvana unknown to us humans – and were foiled in their pursuit by some do-gooders with a crane.

See, somewhere along their way, the courageous goats took shelter from a drizzle, but little did they know that they chose for their awning a narrow bridge beam eight inches wide and that ran adjacent to the actual bridge – leaving them stranded with no recourse above the Mahoning River 150 to 200 feet below.

How did they make it onto such a narrow beam in the first place, you may ask? Sources suggest super high-tech ninja-goat tactics lost to much of goat-kind for thousands of years, but no one can say for sure.

PA State Police and PennDOT worked together to save the goats, who had been looking straight at their all-too-likely fate of a watery grave for about 18 hours. Only pure goat grit, endurance, and prayer saw them through the ordeal.

Once retrieved, the goats were returned safely to the farm. But never fear: These goats are no doubt planning their grand escape from the monotony of farm life as we speak – this time with a less harrowing route.

Godspeed, goats. Godspeed.

[image via screengrab]

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