Pentagon Calls Russian Fighter Jet Buzzing American Warship ‘Provocative’

As the crisis in Eastern Ukraine enters a new phase, with what are reportedly unidentified Russian special forces and pro-Russian protesters storming government buildings in Eastern cities, the government in Kiev has pledged that an operation will soon get underway to retake control of these facilities. Responding to the unrest in Ukraine, the United States sent a Navy destroyer to the Black Sea where the Pentagon revealed it is being harassed by a Russian fighter jet.

The Department of Defense said on Monday that the U.S.S. Donald Cook, a guided missile destroyer, has been buzzed about one dozen times by a Russian fighter jet flying low over the ocean.

American Naval forces reportedly queried the Russian Su-24 repeatedly but received no response. The Pentagon called the incident “provocative” and “unprofessional,” and warned that the perceived threat to the warship could provoke a defensive response that has the potential to escalate already heightened tensions in Eastern Europe.

h/t USA Today

[Photo via Morgan Oliver/U.S. Navy]

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