‘People Are No Longer Seeing the United States as a Refuge’: Kirsten Powers Slams New Immigration Report


Immigration remains a very hot topic right now, but it’s about to get a lot hotter. New Customs and Border Protection reports indicate that illegal immigration at the Southwest border of the country is down 40%. Why? Is it Donald Trump‘s tough talk that is scaring away potential immigrants? Is there a bigger focus on prevention? Kate Bolduan wanted to know the answers, so she assembled a panel on CNN today that included Fox News expat Kirsten PowersAngela Rye, Matt Lewis, and Joseph Borelli.

Powers, for one, was not pleased by the new immigration numbers.

“If you believe that it’s a good thing that people — for example refugees who are fleeing Central America, very dangerous circumstances — no longer are coming to the United States as refugees, then I guess yes, it’s a good thing,” Powers said. “I don’t think that’s a good thing. I think what that says is people no longer are seeing the United States as a refuge for them.”

She also pointed out that immigration experts can’t identify a definite cause of the decrease, but “inhumane things like General [John] Kelly talking about separating mothers from children” are worth consideration.

“Does that work? Yes. Guess what? That does scare people. But the question is that what we want our policy to be, to scare people who are trying to flee violence?” she wondered.

Rye backed Powers up on that.

“The numbers are down, but at what cost?” she asked, pointing out that there are real human beings suffering elsewhere who would now rather risk staying in violent situations than come to America, where they face the aggression of Trump. “At some point we have to value the conditions that humans are experiencing, not even within our borders.”

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