Friend of Stormy Daniels’ (Named in NDA) Claims Trump Offered Her a New York Condo

One of the four people who is listed in the non-disclosure agreement adult film star Stormy Daniels signed with Donald Trump’s attorney is now speaking out. And, among other things, he’s saying that Trump offered to give Daniels a place to live.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, photographer Keith Munyan — a longtime friend of Daniels — says that Trump used to call the porn star all the time back in 2006 when the two carried on their alleged affair. He even told the Beast that Daniels would turn the speakerphone on when the then-reality show star would call her.

Munyan noted that he listened in on at least a half-dozen calls, and had some interesting details:

“He would call all the time. That man can talk about nothing for hours,” Munyan told The Daily Beast in a phone call Monday.

Back in 2006, Trump was only a tabloid character turned reality TV star—and on these calls, he allegedly offered Daniels keys to a New York condo. When she declined, Trump proposed she move into his unfinished Trump Tower in Tampa, Florida.

He added that Daniels told Trump she didn’t want to move to New York because she was planning on going to Florida. Trump then wanted to have Daniels check out a condominium in Florida, but Munyan said that she declined the offer.

Recently, Daniels filed a lawsuit alleging that the NDA she signed with Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen in exchange for $130,000 to stay quiet on her affair with Trump is invalid because Trump didn’t sign it. This week, her attorney said that she was willing to return the money so she could speak freely. This came after it was reported that Trump’s lawyers are trying to find a way to block 60 Minutes from airing an interview Anderson Cooper conducted with her.

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