Phoenix VA Worker Disciplined for Dressing as Disabled Whistleblower for Halloween

VAA social worker at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs hospital has been disciplined for dressing up on Halloween as the disabled Marine who blew the whistle on poor treatment of suicidal veterans.

According to The Washington Post, Jeremy Pottle came to work dressed as Brandon Coleman, a colleague and disabled Marine veteran.

Pottle came to work not just looking like Coleman, but sporting a cane.

Needless to say, this got him in some hot water. A spokeswoman said, “In the scheme of things, this was not in good taste… Employees and supervisors have a responsibility to make sure that when people come to work, they’re dressed appropriately.”

Pottle apologized to Coleman and his supervisors, but was still placed on leave.

And in case something here seems familiar to you, the Phoenix VA was the subject of a huge CNN exposé on poor treatment of vets last year, leading to a damning report on just how poorly veterans are being treated (if they’re lucky enough to get treated at all).

[image via CNN]

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