Picture Of The Year? Gorgeous Photo Perfectly Captures Homesick Soldier Overseas

Some pictures say a thousand words. Some say more. A soldier overseas with a beautiful girlfriend or wife and a flair for the artistic has, with a simple image, captured the immense feelings of homesickness that he and every other serviceman or woman feels. The photo, taken in a first-person perspective (the camera must be in the crock of his neck), shows only the gloved, dirty hands of a soldier holding a photo of he and a woman, dressed up for what appears to be a marine ball or something similar. It was posted on Reddit with the simple headline “Always thinking of my lady.”

The photo was uploaded by Redditor dbzchuck who explains in the comments that the photographer and soldier is a “friend of a friend” and that he will make sure to forward all the well-wishes on to him. So, if you’d like to thank the young man for his service, you can do so over on Reddit.

On that note, may we send our fondest wishes to the young man, the young woman, and everyone else who has been separated from those they love this holiday season so that our nation can be defended. May you all return home soon.

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