Piers Morgan Asks If White Girls Should Be Allowed to Sing the N-Word, Twitter Says ‘F*ck Off’


Earlier today, British television personality Piers Morgan teased a soon-to-be published column on Twitter. The topic? Why don’t we let Piers tell you himself…

The ratio on that tweet should tell you just how well-received Morgan’s hot take was. And after his piece came out — a column blaming the rap industry for using the N-word too much in songs and making white girls say the word in public — the negative reaction only increased. (Probably because the ex-CNN host wrote out the word “n***a” 21 times in the column.)

And, of course, since Piers Morgan LOVES attention — negative or otherwise — he made sure to get himself fully involved:

And he highlighted the main reason why he wrote the column in the first place:

[image via screengrab]

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