Piers Morgan Jabs O’Reilly on Twitter: ‘Get Over Yourself, You Flaming Hypocrite’

During a discussion on MSNBC’s Martin Bashir tonight, Bill O’Reilly took a swipe at CNN’s Piers Morgan for engaging in personal attacks and predicted he’d be fired soon. Morgan almost immediately fired back on Twitter, calling O’Reilly a “flaming hypocrite” for accusing someone else of personal attacks.

When Morgan took notice of the swipe, he tweeted out his response and attacked O’Reilly’s ego.

(FYI, Megyn Kelly is currently one of Morgan’s 9 P.M. rivals.)

He then found it more than amusing that O’Reilly, of all people, would take anyone else to task for personal attacks on others.

But, of course, never missing an opportunity, Morgan threw in a plug for his new book in another O’Reilly barb.

O’Reilly may have had Morgan in mind because Morgan, in two separate media appearances, called O’Reilly a “complete dick.”

Watch the O’Reilly segment in question below, via Fox News:

[photo via screengrab]

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