Piers Morgan, Lacking Even a Shred of Self-Awareness, Calls Out the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team for ‘Insufferable Smuggery’


Piers Morgan, sore loser that he is, cannot get over the U.S. Women’s soccer team winning the World Cup Sunday.

Abandoning any shred of self-awareness, Morgan griped about the women’s team’s celebration upon returning to the U.S.:


Twitter was quick to point out the irony:

One reply alluded to a Trump tweet in which he told Megan Rapinoe to win the World Cup before she talked about skipping out on a White House visit:

Even One Direction singer Niall Horan joined in dunking on PMorgan:

Some pointed out the possible sexism in Morgan’s comment:

Morgan whined about the U.S. Women’s soccer superstars a few times, but it just didn’t hit:

[Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images]

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