Pierson Clarifies: Trump Never Said Obama ‘Filed the Paperwork Incorporating the Entity’ of ISIS

shutterstock_192058409MSNBC’s Kristen Welker asked Trump national spokesperson Katrina Pierson Friday evening if Donald Trump had been sarcastic when he called Barack Obama the founder of ISIS.

Pierson responded, “Well, the answer is yes and no.” This might take some unpacking.

You see, Pierson would like to clarify something about the candidate’s “Obama founded ISIS” remarks.

Trump was “being very serious,” but Trump never said that the president “personally went to the Middle East and filled out the paperwork that incorporated ISIS.”

So just in case anyone might have heard Trump allege that Barack Hussein Obama II went down to the Secretary of State’s office, or whatever the equivalent is in Syria and Iraq, and submitted the documentation to form a corporate entity… well, that’s just not what he meant.

Voters may have thought they heard Trump use the word “founder,” when in fact he said “founder” (in the Trumpian sense of the word).

Pierson affirmed that Trump was “absolutely right” when he called Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama the “founders,” but he never said “that they actually filed the paperwork incorporating the entity. And that’s where the confusion comes.”

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Sam Reisman (@thericeman) is a staff editor at Mediaite.

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