Playwright Behind Rupert Murdoch Play: Actors ‘Scared’ of Playing Him

Australian playwright David Williamson released a play last year called Murdoch, all about––who else?––Rupert Murdoch. It debuted at the Melbourne Theater Company, played in D.C. this year, and it’s making its way to London’s West End next year.

There’s just one catch. They need a big name to play Murdoch and don’t exactly have one yet.

Why? Because actors are actually too fearful of Murdoch to sign on.

That’s right, Williamson told the BBC that this is the reason that he has so far not been able to get someone to play Murdoch in London thus far:

“All commercial productions rely on getting a cast that will attract an audience and we’ve found that some actors are actually scared of playing Rupert on stage.”

“The man has so much power and quite understandably, people – and that includes actors – don’t want to offend him. He owns Fox Studios, for heavens’ sake!”

Past actors who have played the role include Australian actor Sean O’Shea and American actor James Cromwell (in the D.C. production). And if you’re thinking this is a very anti-Murdoch show, Williamson has said in the past that “those who hate Rupert with a passion will probably not be satisfied.”

He has also, though, compared Murdoch to Richard III, so make of that what you will.

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