Please, Please, Please Watch This Super Loony Endorsement of David Duke

“He’s not hateful in the least” isn’t really what you expect to hear when someone brings up David Duke, the current Louisiana senatorial candidate who was once a KKK grand wizard. Some did say that, though. Here, look at him:

As you can see, Duke is touting the endorsement from someone called “The Golden One.” Is that a reference to Hitler’s dreamed-up, flaxen-haired Aryan master race or are we just paranoid after 18 months of campaign drama that has dipped into antisemitism on more than one or two occasions? We wanted to find out, so we investigated the Golden One. His biography merely says, “This channel is dedicated to how glorious and magnificent I am.” That’s not super helpful, but here are some of his video titles:


“Glorious right-wing nationalist men among the ruins. Legio gloria MMA + strength.”

Okay. We can’t be 100% sure what the “Golden” is about, but here is his endorsement anyway:

Slow talking and pensive stares for President!

[image: screengrab]

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