Police Chief Apologizes Over 10 Elementary School Students Being Arrested, Handcuffed

tenn kids arrestedLast week, Murfreesboro, Tennessee police arrested and handcuffed 10 elementary school students ranging from ages 6-12. No, seriously. Students were arrested in connection with a fight that took place off school property days earlier involving a reported dispute between two kids––one 5 years old and one 6 years old.

They were placed in a juvenile center and, needless to say, parents were pretty outraged.

Local community members demanded accountability and an explanation, and today Murfreesboro Police Chief Karl Durr apologized.

In an interview with The Tennesseean, he said, “I am so saddened, and I’m so sorry this incident happened.”

In response to the handcuffing of children, Durr said this is the action they’re taking:

Durr reiterated that his department is now conducting an internal review of the arrest incident with three goals: 1) to determine if there are policies that have been violated by the department or if there is policy that is lacking, 2) to determine what training may need to be done as a result of what occurred, and 3) to determine if there has been any department misconduct in this case.

He expressed hope this was just an “anomaly” and not representative of community-police relations.

That being said, Durr did note, “Remember there was a victim here too, so if my officer didn’t do their job that day, and we ignored the victim, what would this conversation be today?”

Watch WGN’s report above.

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