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Police Dash Cam Shows Cop Breaking Down Crying After Shooting Unarmed Man

A Montana police officer pulled over an unarmed man for a traffic stop and shot him. Officer Grant Morrison testified to a jury that he feared for his life because the man was high on methamphetamines and was worried he was reaching for a gun, so he fired.

Video viewed by the jury showed Morrison shouting at Richard Ramirez multiple times to put his hands up before he fired three times into the car, killing him.

The jury cleared him of wrongdoing, and this week also saw the release of dash cam video showing Morrison breaking down moments after he fatally shot Ramirez. In the video, you can hear him breathing heavily as colleagues try to calm him down. At one point, Morrison starts crying and says, “I thought he was gonna pull a gun on me.”

You can watch the video here, via the Billings Gazette:

And you can watch the dash cam video of the shooting incident in question (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT):

[h/t Daily Dot]
[image via screengrab]

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