Police Dept. Threatens Drunk Driving Super Bowl Viewers With a Fate Worse Than Death


Cops. Sometimes they manage to come up with fun and interesting ways to encourage people to stay safe and follow the law.

A police department in Minnesota took the initiative on Twitter tonight by threatening a horrific punishment to anyone who drives drunk after the Super Bowl.

Like many viewers, the Wyoming, MN police department have apparently been less than impressed by the commercials for the first half of the game this year — specifically, they didn’t seem to care for a T-Mobile commercial that featured pop sensation Justin Bieber.

Still, they found a way to put the commercial to good use, even though it may or may not be a violation of our most basic human rights.

Later on, the police department came up with another form of punishment that might be particularly excruciating for New England Patriots fans:

UPDATE – 11:03 P.M. EST: In recognition of the Patriot’s incredible comeback, the police department reevaluated their position and offered congratulations.

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