Police Officer Placed on Leave After Remark Mocking Suicide of Black Lives Matter Protester

MMCLee Cyr, a Fairborn, Ohio police officer, was placed on administrative leave after allegedly writing a Facebook comment, calling the suicide of Black Lives Matter activist MarShawn McCarrel a “happy ending.”

McCarrel died Monday evening after shooting himself in front of the Columbus, Ohio statehouse.

Police told the Dayton Daily News that Cyr was off-duty when the comment attributed to him was posted, but he could still be found guilty of violating the department’s social media policy, pending an investigation.

The comment — now deleted — was published on a thread of responses to the Daily NewsFacebook post that reported the story Tuesday. There are currently comments on the thread even more incendiary and vile than the one for which Cyr is being investigated, which reportedly read: “Love a happy ending.” Commenters have called McCarrel a “thug,” expressed relief and joy that there’s “one less to worry about,” and jeered the fact that someone who espoused the notion that “lives matter” took his own life; another person suggested that “if only all black lifes [sic] matter members would follow suit that would be great.”

In addition to organizing Black Lives Matter protests in his native Columbus, McCarrel co-launched an initiative that sponsored mentorship programs for young people, and led a campaign called “Feed the Streets” to provide meals for Columbus’s homeless population.


If you or someone you know is considering suicide, call the Lifeline national organization for suicide prevention, 1-800-273-8255.

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