Political Commentator Recalls Being in ER With Tucker Carlson: Immigrants Worked to ‘Save Your Life’

Last night Fox News host Tucker Carlson sent out a tweet bashing immigrants, seeming to blame them for the country’s extreme political polarization.

“There are more immigrants in our country right now than any other time. Is the country more united? Stronger? Just the opposite and everyone knows it,” he wrote. “Maybe that’s bc our elites welcome immigrants by telling them how flawed America is and how bigoted its native population.”

Samuel Oakford, a political commentator whose work has appeared in Politico and The Intercept, took umbrage with Carlson’s tweet, particularly because the two apparently shared a hospital room when Carlson underwent a life-saving surgery for appendicitis.

“When we were both in an NYC emergency room last year next to each other,” he said. “there sure were a lot of immigrants working to save your life.”

According to a recent report by Forbes, immigrants make up one quarter of America’s doctors.

Carlson, who is certainly no elite, is said to be worth in upwards of $39 million. As of this writing, he has not responded to Oakford’s tweet.

Mediaite has reached out to Oakford for comment, including a request for some detail as to why the two shared a hospital room last year.

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