Politico Piece: Obama’s Assassination Required to Force Secret Service Reform?

At the close of a damning, if risible, piece in Politico Magazine about mismanagement and hubris of the Secret Service agency, law enforcement expert Ronald Kessler dropped the following:

Note that implies Obama would actually be indirectly responsible for his own assassination.

Per TPM’s Josh Marshall, who spotted the line, “Kessler is simultaneously a genuine expert and a bit of a kook” who’s dipped a toe in right wing conspiracy theories. So, there’s that.

Update- 5:31 pm: Politico has added this editor’s note to the piece:

Editor’s note: Some readers have misinterpreted the original last line of Kessler’s article as somehow suggesting that the president should be held responsible in the event of his own assassination. That couldn’t be further from the truth, and we’re sorry if anyone interpreted Kessler’s meaning in any other way.

[h/t Politico / TPM]

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