Poll: 67% of Republicans Approve of Trump’s Handling of ‘Domestic Terrorism’ in Charlottesville

A new CBS poll is showing a major partisan divide in how President Trump‘s remarks on Charlottesville are being received across the country.

While a 55% majority disapprove of how Trump handled the aftermath of last weekend’s racial hostilities, 67% of Republicans approve of how the president responded to the situation and designated who was to blame. Democratic disapproval came out to 82% while 53% of Independent voters also did not agree with Trump’s actions.

The poll was conducted over the last three days, meaning people were able to respond to Trump’s statement on Monday as well as his inflammatory press conference on Tuesday. Most of the participants believed that Trump had to clarify the remarks he gave when he initially spoke out about the chaos of recent days.

Most of the polled participants view the car attack in Charlottesville as an act of “domestic terrorism,” and Trump’s disapproval among both political parties has seen an uptick from previous polling. The new study also finds that more Americans think Trump has encouraged racial division.

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