Poll: Clinton and Trump in Dead Heat in Georgia

GeorgiaAccording to a new Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll released Friday, Hillary Clinton is in an exceedingly tight race with Donald Trump to win Georgia, a state that hasn’t turned blue since 1992.

Trump is polling at 44% compared to Clinton’s 42%, which is within the poll’s 4.3% margin of error. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson netted 9%.

The choice was starkly divided along racial lines: Clinton had 88% support from blacks, compared to Trump’s paltry 3% (the same as Johnson). Meanwhile, Trump received 65% support from whites and Clinton received 20%.

Wealthier voters favored Trump. More than half of participants who made less than $50,000 annually supported Clinton, whereas more than half who made between $50,000 and $100,000 supported Trump. And among those making more than $100,000, Clinton received less support (36%) than Trump (42%).

Trump won men by a 50-35 margin, while Clinton performed better with women 48-37.

Trump currently trails in RealClearPolitics’ averages of recent national polls and polls in nearly every swing state. The AJC poll was conducted between Oct. 17 and Oct. 20.

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