Poll: Majority Thinks Media Responsible For Political Division, Not Obama

Tis the season for polls. Here is the latest. A new one out from ABC News/ Yahoo! reveals that the majority of those surveyed think the media is to blame for the ever-widening national political divide. Reports Yahoo’s Michael Calderone:

Just 30 percent of respondents believe the mainstream media is interested in political cooperation, according to a new ABC News/ Yahoo! News poll; 63 percent say reporters help stoke division.

Here’s a look at how that breaks down:

Conservative radio hosts also clocked in at 30 percent in terms of cooperation, with 61 percent saying they help foster division. Cable news programs came in at 29 percent for cooperation, 59 percent for division.

Yowch. Surprised? As Calderone points out perhaps the only really surprising thing is just how much the public blames the media, not that the media trucks in division as the quickest way to gin up ratings and traffic. Meanwhile, contrary to what you might have concluded from said media, President Obama gets high marks for cooperation from the nation.

A majority of respondents agreeing that [Obama] was interested in political cooperation, at 59 percent. Sarah Palin and the tea party movement polled at 34 percent and 31 percent on the same question, respectively.

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