Most Americans Believe Trump Committed Felony by Hindering Russia Probe According to Poll


In the past few weeks, President Trump has labeled the ongoing investigations about his administration’s possible connections with Russia as a baseless “witch hunt.” As it were, many Americans happen to disagree with that assessment.

Associated Press and the NORC Center for Public Affairs Research released a new poll this week, and it found that approximately 61% of surveyed Americans believe that Trump tried to “obstruct the investigation” into Russia’s 2016 election interference. Thirty-seven percent of respondents said that they don’t believe Trump impeded the investigations, and another 3% said that they didn’t know, or else, refrained from answering the question.

The poll also found that there is a growing level of concern regarding the contact that Trump’s affiliates had with Russian officials over the course of last year. A slight majority of respondents did not approve of Trump’s decision to fire former FBI director James Comey, though the poll also indicated a lack of confidence regarding the independent investigation being led by special counsel Robert Mueller.

The poll was conducted with 1,068 participants. It was was given 4.1 percent margin of error, and a demographic reading indicates that 46% of responders leaned Democratic, 33% leaned Republican, and 21% identified as independents.

The intrigue surrounding the Russia probes has intensified ever since Trump relieved Comey of duty last month. Trump gave a major boost to concerned critics and political observers on Friday, when he confirmed the reports that Mueller is investigating the president for obstruction of justice.

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