Poll: ‘Obama Factor’ in This Year’s Midterms Similar to 2010

Voters are more likely to choose their candidates this election season based on opposition to President Barack Obama than support for him, according to a new Gallup poll released Friday.

32 percent would view their vote as an opposition to President Obama’s policies, while just 20 percent said their vote reflects support. This margin is similar to Gallup’s measurements in 2006 and 2010, when the president’s party (Republicans in 2006 and Democrats in 2010) fared poorly.

In 2010, when the GOP took control of the House of Representatives, the anti-Obama factor was 30 percent — two points lower than it is this time around.

The poll also found that Republican opposition to President Obama overshadows Democratic support. 58 percent of Republicans are casting their vote in opposition to Obama, while 38 percent of Democrats say they will support him.

The poll made a distinction between inherent opposition and the idea of “sending a message” with one’s vote, but still came to the same conclusion that President Obama is once again a major factor in this year’s midterm elections — “more of a liability than an asset to Democratic candidates this year,” according the the poll. The numbers suggest that this conclusion will help the GOP take control of the Senate and possibly gain a few House seats.

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