Poll: Three-Fourths of Americans Think Republicans are ‘Playing Politics’ With SCOTUS Obstruction

mcconnellAccording to a new Monmouth University poll, over three-fourths of Americans (and 62% of Republicans) think Senate Republicans blocking any effort to fill the Supreme Court vacancy are “playing politics.”

A scant 16% of those polled said that they agreed with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell‘s argument — echoed by other Republicans — that the decision to nominate a new Supreme Court Justice should be left to the next president, not a president in his final year.

The Hill reports:

At 28 percent, self-identified Republicans were more likely to say that lawmakers were trying to include Americans in the process, compared to 13 percent of independents and 9 percent of Democrats.

While a handful of Republican senators have said they are willing to meet with Garland, the GOP has held firm on denying Garland a hearing or vote.

Now that Obama has nominated Garland, 69 percent overall said the Senate should give him a hearing, including 56 percent of Republicans.

That’s an increase from a Morning Consult poll released last week, which found that less than half — 43 percent — of GOP voters thought Garland should get a hearing.

Another poll released Monday, from Gallup, shows that 52% of Americans think that Garland should be confirmed. Previous polling indicates that Senate Republicans’ intransigence on the SCOTUS issue is already costing them support in key contests.

[h/t The Hill]

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