Positive Sign For O’Reilly? Fox News Still Running Factor Promos

When Bill O’Reilly took a vacation amid the massive fallout from reports on  his sexual harassment cases, many assumed he’d be gone from Fox News for good. After all, so many companies yanked their ads from the O’Reilly Factor hour and the publicity surrounding it all was inescapable.

It was reported that Rupert Murdoch and other Fox executives were weighing O’Reilly’s future while he was away, but an ad that aired during this morning’s Fox & Friends seems to indicate a decision has been made.

Sandwiched between commercials for home security and tutoring, a brief spot announced, “Straight talk, no spin — Bill’s taking the conversation to the next level and no one comes close. There’s only one O’Reilly Factor. Most watched! Most trusted!”

A general guideline of television promos is to advertise shows that are on the air. Ergo, if a show isn’t coming back, then its not worthy of promotion. A Fox News spokesperson has said O’Reilly will return April 24th, which suggests that nothing has changed with the employment status for the cable news ratings leader. For now.

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