President Bill Clinton to President Barack Obama: ‘I Love a Good Balloon’

Former President Bill Clinton wished fellow president Barack Obama a happy birthday on Twitter Friday afternoon.

It’s President Obama’s 56th birthday, and the former president has been fielding heartfelt warm wishes throughout the day.

Clinton adds a curious point in his note, a pointed reference to balloons: “Hope you get some balloons,” 42 wrote to 44. “I love a good balloon.”

Unless Clinton and Obama have some sort of inside joke about inflatables, it seems the tweet is a reference to the viral video of Clinton, at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, having an absolute blast with a large quantity of balloons:

Hillary Clinton also reveled in the woefully short-lived fun, with her running-mate and all-American dad Tim Kaine also partaking in the shenanigans.

While some commentators have questioned the news-worthiness of the Clinton balloon-tweet (see below) any excuse to revisit the former president frolicking in a land of red, white and blue inflatables is worth embracing.

[image via screengrab]

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