President-Elect Trump: ‘Serious Voter Fraud in Virginia, New Hampshire and California’

Hours after President-elect Donald Trump claimed via Twitter that he had won the national popular vote if you deducted all of the millions who voted illegally, presumably for Hillary Clinton, he grabbed his phone again to make another bold claim.

He didn’t actually point to any actual cases of voter fraud in these states. it should also be pointed out that all three states voted for Clinton this election.

Since it was announced that Green Party candidate Jill Stein had initiated a recount in Wisconsin and the Clinton campaign would join in on it, the Trump team has been extremely critical.

Trump campaign manager and senior adviser Kellyanne Conway called the Clinton campaign a “pack of sore losers” while Trump released a statement calling it a “scam by the Green Party.”

Besides claiming millions voted illegally for Clinton — who currently leads the national popular vote by 2.2 million — Trump also complained about how he was criticized for possibly not accepting the results of the election if he would have lost, calling Democrats out for hypocrisy.

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