President Obama Never Called Tiger Woods

If you spent the weekend caught up in tsunami or hockey fever, you may have missed the story in Golf Digest about Tiger Woods’ seclusion following the revelation of his affairs. In the article, written by Jaime Diaz, the golf pro allegedly received phone calls of support from both former president Bill Clinton (which almost makes sense…) and our President Barack Obama. Except at least half of that never happened.

A spokeperson from Conde Nast emailed us earlier today to say that Obama never made that phone call to Woods, and that the information was ” a misunderstanding between the writer and a trusted source.” This follows Conde’s other snafu of putting both Obama and Woods on the cover of Golf Digest the month of the scandal with the headline “10 Tips Obama Could Take From Tiger.” (Hey, at least it wasn’t “10 Tricks.”) No word yet on if Bill Clinton actually made the call.

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