President Obama Tells Egyptian President Mubarak: ‘Give Meaning To Your Words’

President Barack Obama addressed the current situation in Egypt, speaking from the White House State dining room, and revealed that he spoke with Hosni Mubarak shortly after the embattled Egyptian president’s recent speech, claiming that he told Mubarak that “he has a responsibility to give meaning” to the words he delivered earlier. Obama urged calm, adding that his first concern is “preventing injury and loss of life” as well as calling on Egyptian authorities to “refrain from any violence on peaceful protesters.”

In the last few days the uprising in Egypt has evolved into a full-on upheaval, most recently culminating in embattled Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak publicly announcing plans to sack his cabinet and move forward in a “new era” (which he will ostensibly still lead). Throughout the day, many were openly wondering about the White House position on Egypt (and Mubarak) and Press Secretary Robert Gibbs did his best to deflect real answers in what he called a very “fluid situation.”

Obama’s words are sure to be dissected in great detail in the coming days, but in short, the U.S. President insisted that there must be political, social and economic reforms in Egypt.

Watch the statement, courtesy of Fox News, below:

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