President Trump Calls Out Kathy Griffin On Twitter: ‘Should Be Ashamed’

President Donald Trump called out comedian Kathy Griffin on Twitter this morning after the comedian posted a photo yesterday of her posing with a bloodied and disembodied head that closely resembled President Trump. Griffin received immediate and bipartisan rebuke for the disgusting image, and after “seeing the reaction” posted a quick apology owning her mistake.

Understandably, Trump was less than charitable with Griffin’s decisions and laid into her on Twitter:

Citing his 11-year-old son Barron puts in stark relief just how poor a decision that Griffin made in posting the photo. CNN has since released a statement saying that they are “examining” her future role as co-host for their New Year’s Eve programming.

Perhaps most stunning in this whole ordeal is that, even the must full-throated progressive critics of this White House have found Trump to be the more sympathetic figure, at least in this story. It takes a certain amount of poor judgment to effectively make the liberal set more angry at YOU than the sitting president.

So, congratulations on that Ms. Griffin. Karma is a bitch.

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