Priebus Hits Back at Trump for Slamming RNC: ‘Complaints Now? Give Us All a Break’

trump priebusReince Priebus might be reaching the end of his patience with Donald Trump‘s constant barrage of jabs over how unfair the primary process is to Donald J. Trump.

Ever since Trump joined the 2016 race, the Republican National Committee chairman has had to talk with the mogul multiple times in order to tone things down, ask him to pledge loyalty to the party, or request that he not destabilize the GOP. Trump has made his rants against the political establishment into a cornerstone of his campaign, and his recent loss in Colorado gave him a fresh chance to blast the “crooked” system.

As Priebus tweeted out on Monday, the Colorado election results came from rules that were decided months ahead of time, and that all of the 2016 campaigns should’ve known what to expect:

Trump upped the ante yesterday by again saying that the RNC’s “dirty tricksters” are to blame for allowing his loss to happen, and now, Priebus seems to be at the end of his rope for dealing with this:

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