Priebus: Trump Needs to ‘Evolve’ in How He Talks About Hispanics

priebusRNC Chair Reince Priebus isn’t too happy about his party’s nominee, Donald Trump, attacking the judge in the Trump U case for being Hispanic, but he’s doing his best to downplay it.

In an interview with the Washington Examiner, Priebus mostly avoided the controversy by saying he doesn’t know enough about the case or the judge, but did say, “I wouldn’t invoke race into any sort of attack or commentary.”

He explained, “Donald Trump understands that his tone and rhetoric is going to have to evolve in regard to how we’re communicating to Hispanics across the country. I think he gets that.”

Priebus is confident that this evolution will happy, and he pointed to one poll showing Trump doing (marginally) better than Mitt Romney with Hispanics (though other polls aren’t as rosy).

But Priebus concluded from the one poll that “some of these critiques and criticisms are a little too early to tell.”

The last time Trump caused outrage with that infamous taco bowl tweet”>unhelpful comments about Hispanics (which was last month), Priebus awkwardly said, “He’s trying.” (That was last month.)

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