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Probe: HealthCare.Gov Rollout Failed Because of Terrible Oversight

Tomorrow, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) will announce why the rollout of failed, and according to an anonymous source speaking to the AP, it’s because of the Obama Administration.

(Yeah, we know that everyone initially blamed Obama, but now there’s actual proof, is our point.)

The GAO, an independent “watchdog” agency responsible for uncovering waste and fraud in the federal government, pinned the blame directly on the Administration, who “kept changing marching orders for contractors who built the computerized sign-up system, creating widespread confusion and leading to tens of millions of dollars in additional costs.”

Specifically, they targeted the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for “ineffective oversight of contracts” regarding practically everything involving electronics:

The original contractors testified to Congress that they did not have nearly enough time to test the system before it went live. Indeed, [CMS administrator Marilyn] Tavenner took the unusual step of signing the operational security certificate for herself, after CMS security professionals balked. The site has since passed full security testing…

In addition to hundreds of software bugs, insufficient infrastructure and subpar monitoring of problems, the White House troubleshooter said that “inadequate management oversight and coordination among technical teams prevented real-time decision making and efficient responses to address the issues with the site.”

Thanks, Obama administration?

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