Progressive Insurance Settles With Fisher Family After Story Went Viral

As we reported a few times this week, insurance company Progressive came under fire after Matt Fisher, the brother of a deceased policyholder, posted a scathing rant about the company’s refusal to honor her policy during the family’s post-accident claims. After the rant went viral, thanks to other bloggers, Progressive made a few public relations blunders in an attempt to mitigate the situation, leading to even worse blowback — “a PR catastrophe,” some might say.

Three days later, the company said it has reached a settlement with the Fisher family.

The family’s attorney, Allen Cohen, told CNN Money that it was a monetary settlement for “tens of thousands of dollars” more than the $75,000 claim balance that the family was originally seeking.

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The payment “is for their failure to exercise good faith towards their insured,” Cohen said. “While I cannot tell you the amount, they did pay 100 percent of what we asked in this regard.”

Despite the settlement, Progressive is likely to feel a lingering public relations effect, as plenty of people still post negative comments to the company’s social media accounts. One unsatisfied commenter wrote on the Facebook page after the settlement was announced: “Hey look at that, you agreed to pay off the claim the family was originally entitled to. All it took was losing a trial, a media firestorm, and the impending loss of countless customers.”

[h/t CNN Money]

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